Friday, November 30, 2012


Okay, I was reading some of my works a few months ago when I came across with this one poem. I made this poem when I ultimately felt I was in all-time low. Back when I learned that the people I'm with were mocking me because of my sexual orientation. Almost all of my new acquaintances in Makati has something "funny" to say about me because I was gay. They went on and believed according to stereotypes. Anyway, I've moved on so I guess there's no need to tell you any further. I want to share the poem by the way:

By: FiftyShadesOfQueer

Lord, why did you make me this way?
Why did you allow me to be gay?
What did I do in the first place to deserve this?
Most of them are treating me worse than piss.

Lord, I'm tired of everyone treating me like a disease.
Sometimes I envy those who are deceased.
I feel like I want to dig my own grave.
I'm tired, I'm a slut, I'm also not brave.

Lord, I feel like I'm all alone.
There's no one to share my despair,
I have my own throne.
I tried to change, believe me, I want to.
But they keep on telling me, I'm worse than poo.

Lord, this is my cry for help.
Do you listen or are you deaf?
Lord, please, I'm afraid can't you hear in my tone?
Yesterday, today, forever alone.

No one to share with, my feelings, my confusions.
I tried to hide it with smiles and intrusions.
They laughed at me, made fun of me, mocked me.
I have feelings you know, hear my plea.

Lord, if you didn't make gays, why am I here?
Lord, does this mean the devil made me, oh dear?
Lord, I'm not your son? Am I the devil's son?
Lord, these feelings are too heavy, they're weighing a ton.

Lord, I have in my hand is a knife, a friend.
It would be the bridge to you, this is the end.
I want answers, this would be my happy ending too.
This is my way, I'm coming back to you.

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