Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Night is Ours

The cool November wind breezed against my skin.
I walked nervously towards you, my breathing thinned.
My heartbeat grew faster, my steps slowly faltered.
My world was spinning, I wished time could be altered.

Your lips formed to a smile, pearly whites exposed.
I don't know if I smiled, I think my lips were closed.
We exchanged our words, I could feel warmth creeping in.
My interest grew, I hope I was not obviously keen.

We ate our dinner, I watched  your eyes.
I was captivated, they were cold as ice.
I watched your mouth formed stories through words,
Intelligence exude as sharp as a sword.

We walked under a blanket of stars
The night was deep, our only audience were cars.
You made me laugh, that was actually a feat.
I don't remember my last
and then I edged off my seat.

Maybe there was a reason why God chose that night.
So that we were away from eyes filled with prejudiced might.
The night is ours, the day is theirs.
We only have each other, that was only the first.

You held my face, my cheeks grew red.
Suddenly, the cold wind was dead.
My face grew hot, was it your fault?
I can't help but melt. "Stay there," I thought.

You pinched my sides, I was shocked and surprised.
It left a strange feeling, I felt I won a prize.
How I begged you would repeat, I was in endless agony
My heart was screaming hymns or cacophony

The freedom we felt in the deep of the park
Our only music was from the night bugs,
oh and some sparks!
I hoped that night was forever, hope may I?
But the sun began to rise, I let out a sigh.

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