Friday, March 29, 2013

Queer reflection: We're Different

It's obvious right? We gays are different. I've already realized this before but this has slapped me hard recently when I finally dated my "hubby". I just realized that gay relationships are really different and we don't get to enjoy some of the things straight couples enjoy.

Here are some of the things that I wish me and my hubby can enjoy:
  1. Holding hands in public.
  2. Being able to date on Valentine's day without people looking at us.
  3. Getting the parents know the partner.
  4. Visiting at each other's house.
  5. Being included in family plans.
  6. People not staring at us when we get carried away with our "candy" moments.
  7. People not whispering behind our backs.
I can't help but feel jealous whenever I see straight couples do the things above. Are the above activities privileges reserved for heterosexual couples? Are these even privileges in the first place? 

Sometimes, I can't help but think how life can really be unfair. I guess life never really is unfair. We're only asking for a little acceptance. Why not just care about your own affairs and let us enjoy the relationship that we have? It would save us both a lot of effort. 


Queer update: I really hope that the relationship I and my hubby have will last. :)

1 comment:

  1. You can actually do all those things by not caring at all. Pero siyempre sa tamang lugar like holding hands I bet ok lang yan sa GB, Glo and SM Aura pero kung sa.. you know, cheap malls where narrow minded people usually stay diyan ka makakarinig ng kung ano ano. You can also date sa Valentines sa gabi and again sa proper places :)