Friday, May 31, 2013

One month and counting

Yes, I've been with my bf for a month last Monday. It felt like an accomplishment. Our first month has been rough but I know that what we've been through is just a beginning. He's my first bf and I want him to be my last. I hope he feels the same.

Figuratively, when the heart starts to beat, the brain stops. That's what I feel right now. I've been seen as a very logical individual who always uses his intellect in decision making, even the decisions that should have been made by the heart. But with him, everything has changed. I became illogical, maybe even irrational. As if I don't have a brain at all. Thoughts running through my head, I considered stupid before. But now, I understand why some people, when in love, are irrational and illogical. I'm now one of them and I hate myself for being the very person I've ridiculed before. Before, I thought, falling in love means you have to be unintelligible. Now, falling in love means taking risks that can leave you damaged. Despite of this, the joy that you feel when in love is worth the risk. Someone to hold and someone to hold on to.

Anyway, I have to finish this post prematurely. I hope you find your rainbow of love! Btw, before I leave you guys, I know that the title says one month and counting. Never count how long you've been together. Just go through one day at a time.