Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bro lines at the Gym

I've been in the gym for few months now. It all started when I decided that I should not only take care of myself intellectually and spiritually but as well the body itself. Okay, when I was looking for a gym, I decided to enroll in a home gym instead. These are the gyms that cost you only 50php per session if you're not a member or cheaper when you pay monthly. It saved me a lot of money though I can't help but wonder about the stories I've heard in gyms like Fitness First where buffed gay guys seem to flock. I've heard of a story in a forum that there was this old guy who kind of molested a student he thought was a PLU. Brrrrrr. I'm not sure what happened to the old guy but the student reported him to the admin. I can't help but be curious of what happens there but I don't think I can handle a situation like that. This pushed me further in enrolling in a home gym.

The downside is, all the members in the gym I'm in seem straight. I go at the gym during the early mornings before and I think the group of people I was with are as straight as a ruler. I think I'm the only gay guy there. I tried to catch their eyes but they all seem uninterested. Maybe I'm not just their type. But they don't even look at each other and their interactions look very straight. I was disappointed because there was this one guy I'm interested in. He's really cute. The way his glasses fit his nose. Very geeky yet very hot. His body is very proportional. I can't forget the time he actually talked to me asking the program I was doing that day. Though the conversation ended prematurely. We never saw each other again in the gym.

Anyway, due to schedule constraints, I need to go to the gym during the evenings instead and this led to hearing some conversations that are really funny and don't seem straight. I've heard of three Bro lines, as I call it, so far:

  1. "Pare anlake na ng biceps mo ah." Sabay pisil sa biceps ng kasama.
  2. "Tol, lumalaki na dede mo ah." Talagang dede ang term? Di pwedeng chest? Sabay turo sa dibdib ng kasama.
  3. At eto ang pinakanaloka ako. Dahil sinabi ito sakin ng isa roon. "Bro, patira naman." At sabay tinira ako.... Jowk! How I wish! At sabay tumira na sya sa equipment na ginagamit ko that time.
I can't help but laugh when I heard those lines. I had this feeling I'm going to enjoy the gym in the evenings. 

And one more, gym crush was there! Looks like he also lifts with the evening flock. Ah. His image of him doing deadlifts while his glasses drooping at one side. Heavenly.

Now, I really am motivated to be healthy. :)

Side note: I've been lifting for like 8 months I think and I'm nowhere near my goal. It's getting frustrating. Good thing gym crush inspires me to lift. Hahah! :)


  1. iba kasi talaga sa mga bakal gyms hehehe. wala silang shower and sauna where the cruising happens.

    and, ingat ka, kasi most of them are indeed straight there.

    1. Yes, maingat naman ako. Medyo paminta ako roon. Haha. :)

  2. Behave ka lang sa gym. Use it properly, unlike the others. :)

  3. Makapag gym na nga ..... Hahahahaha now na! Para matira na rin lols ng equipments

  4. Kahit ako takot mag-gym. Baka ma-bully ako. Ehem...

    1. Wag kang matakot. I've been there. Kinakausap naman nila ako. Nakikipagkwentuhan. Though kasama ako sa flock na di pala-usap sa gym. Focus ka lang sa sarili mo. You're there to be physically fit. If di ka nila kausapin okay lang. Basta ma-achieve mo goal mo. Kapag naman binully ka, there's always another gym to try.

    2. And tatlo ng bakal gym ang nattry ko. Di pa naman ako nabubully. :)