Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fifty Shades of ABCs

Came across this ABC questionnaire from different blogs. I know, the trend has already fizzled but that doesn't stop me to join in the fun. :)

A. Attached or Single?

Attached. Hehe.

B. Bestfriends

Namely: Darren, Joyce, Arlo, Talyn, Jonna, Shiela, Lea, and Riss. Though, these names won't mean anything to you so that's kind of a waste. Haha.

C. Cake or Pie

Pie! Paborito ko po ang egg pie. Sobra. 

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D. Day of Choice


E. Essential Items

Phone, face powder, oil control sheets, baby cologne, wet tissues, at payong.

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F. Favorite Color

A tie between green and yellow. Violet seems to be getting my attention as well.

G. Gummibears or Worms

None. Di po ako mahilig sa malalambot na bagay! Hahah! Naweiweirdo-han lang ako kapag kumakain ako ng ganun. 

H. Hometown


I. Indulgence.

Chocolates, egg pie, buko shake, at ginataang hipon.

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J. January or July


K. Kids

I really like kids but I don't think the kids like me back. Haha!

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L. Life isn't complete without...

Books! I'm a self professed bibliophile and sapiosexual.

M. Marriage date.

In the future. I hope.

N. Number of brothers and sisters

I have one brother who I suspect to be in the closet as well and a sister who might become a lesbian.

O. Orange or Apples


P. Phobias

Dogs (except those I own) and heights. Feeling ko kapag nasa mataas na lugar ako at tumingin ako sa baba e parang gusto kong tumalon para lang malaman feeling na tumalon sa mataas na lugar. Ang weird no?

Q. Quotes

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R. Reason to smile

Him. Sorry, inlab lang po. 

S. Season of Choice

Rainy days pero ayoko nung tipong babaha na. There's something with water that I love. 

T. Tag 5 People

I have no idea how to tag people in blogger. 

U. Unknown facts about me.

I always see myself as ugly. I don't know. Pero nasanay na kasi akong sinasabihan ng pangit ng mga kamaganak ko though sabi naman ng iba hindi. Haha. Mataas lang siguro standards ng relatives ko.

V. Vegetable

Brocolli! Yum!

W. Worst habit

Magngatngat ng kuko. Pero controlled ko na. 

X. Xray or UltraSound


Y. Your favorite food

Ginataang hipon.

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Z. Zodiac Sign



  1. Fun game! Takot din ako sa heights, you already know we both love books. Gaano katagal na kayo ng asawa??

  2. "Phone, face powder, oil control sheets, baby cologne, wet tissues, at payong."

    - Ang vain mo siguro

    1. Di naman. Conscious lang. Db ang vain is excessive love for oneself? Ako naman feeling ko ang pangit ko kaya gumagawa na lang ako ng paraan to at least look presentable. Psychological response na ata ito based sa sagot ko sa letter U.

  3. I love yellow more than violet heheeeh lahat halos ng damit ko yellow hahah