Sunday, August 4, 2013

LDR officially: Week 1

Last week was the first week of being in a long distance relationship. My partner is now based in Tuguegarao for his training. He's now a manager! I'm happy for him. His dreams are now being realized. At the expense of the close proximity of our relationship though.

I've been told that long distance relationships are almost impossible to maintain. This has been in my thoughts the whole week. We're missing out from the benefits of the power of touch. Considering that we're a "touchy" couple, the setup is a torture. I guess for anyone, distance is a torture. I can't also help but think of the married couples who get to ignore the piece of paper that legally binds them due to long distance. What more of us? We don't even have anything to hold on to. I don't have a piece of paper to claim him mine. All I have is faith that he will not cheat and that everything will be okay.

But what about me? Will I be strong enough to resist temptation? I've already learned my lesson. But another temptation has arrived. There's this neighbor who seems to be interested in me. My partner knows him personally, I think. We've talked about him. The neighbor is really cute. Artistahin kumbaga. He even plays the violin! He's financially stable and manages the nursing department of a hospital near home. Then suddenly, this neighbor and I have been exchanging facebook messages that eventually led to exchanging of numbers. I've told everything to partner though. I don't want to hide anything from him. This also gives me the fuel not to do anything foolish. The funny thing is, the neighbor is in a long distance relationship with his Filipino partner in the US yet the neighbor fools around.

If I am tempted, is he as well? Well, I guess it's better to assume yes. But this doesn't mean trust has to fizzle, right?

Many thoughts. Too many possibilities. A challenge. 

Officially in an LDR. Week 1.

I took the time to reflect. We're in a long distance relationship. A relationship nonetheless. Our relationship is based on love and faith not lust. We are here to support each other no matter how far apart we are from each other. I trust him to be faithful and in return I'll do my best to earn his trust. Corny, but I decided to take comfort from the fact that we're still under the same sky and from that the distance did not really feel that far.

Friday night, I received a text. From partner. "Uwi ako. Miss na kita. Mwuah."

I smiled. Everything will be alright. Clear skies ahead.

Epilogue: We're slowly discussing the arrangements of the relationship. Keeping the lines of communication open is a good start.


  1. Sana di mo na kinuha yung number. It could be a start eh.. actually its a start. yan tayo eh. Hahaha!

    If we really wanted to make things successful then we have to be very very responsible with our actions. we have to take cautions. Even though confident ka na kahit number lang binigay mo there will still be those moments na you'll long for your partner eh biglang nagtxt si neighbor... di ba?

    Ang bitter ko noh? Hahaha! I don't believe in LDR kasi eh

    1. Hi! Haha. Kaya ito. Tiwala lang. :)

    2. It was written so as to be altered.

  2. Long distant relationships are never easy. Besdt wishes.

  3. Back read your blog. commented on some posts :)

    1. Thanks. I accidentally deleted one though. The comment that you left in that one poem. Sorry. :)