Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Unshakeable

Recent events have left me shaken. The earthquake in Bohol scared me to the point I wake up in the middle of the night afraid and full of sweat. I'm not sure if this is a product of mass hysteria the media has unknowingly induced or if this stemmed from the fact that I'm afraid of things I can't control.
No. I'm not a control freak. I don't revel in power nor control.

It's just that, I'm scared when I face a predicament in which I reach a dead end because I'm out of controllable variables to change the outcome of an event. And natural disasters are ultimate dead-ends for me.

What if it hits Manila? Or Bicol? What about partner? My family? Our family? 

I texted partner and told him how I felt about the earthquake. 

"Di na natin yan makokontrol, bunso. Wala natayong magagawa dyan. Makakapagdasal lang tayo, bunso."

Simple words. But I felt better.

So, to my fellow Cebuanos. Let's stay strong. Let's get up. Our land may be shakeable but not us.


  1. nakakatakot naman talaga kapag lumindol sa manila. at kaya nga siya nakakatakot dahil alam nating posible siya at uncontrollable.

    howell tama si partner, dasal at paghahanda rin ang kailangan.

    1. At minsan nakaka-tense na rin magreport ang media.

    2. true. may takot factor. halloween na raw kasi. chos. haha

      ang maganda run kung ang takot na ito ay nagpupush sa ating maghanda, yun ang bongga. haha

  2. Our fellow countrymen did their part in helping Bohol recover from the not so recent earthquake. It just makes me happy to know that we fellow Filipinos still work hand in hand in times of trouble.

    BTW Great blog! I have backread most of your blog post and they are super duper fun to read :) I hope I get to read more soon especially the story on what happened after nahuli kayo ni boyfie sa Mall with your sister :)

    1. Thanks. Dinaig pa nito ang crispy pata sa pagpapataba ng puso. :)