Tuesday, December 31, 2013

14 Goals for 2014

  1. Get clearer skin. Because of stress, and possibly an allergy yet to be known, pimples recently flared up. As in I hate looking at the mirror lately because I get depressed. I have consulted my dermatologist and was given the medication I need to achieve the skin I want. I hope this 2014, I will be blessed with clear skin so I can get the confidence I need to socialize.
  2. Set a regular reading period each day or week. I have to keep up with my reading. I love reading, don't get me wrong, but due to my schedule, I've been behind my reading. Some of the books I have bought were left untouched for a long period of time. I hope I can get at least an hour of reading per day. I miss reading.
  3. To be blessed more so that I can bless more. One of the things I have learned from my mom is to always bless or share whenever I can. I have made it a habit to at least buy a little bit more of bread so that I could share some to street cleaner during the mornings. My mom, on the other hand, gives out a bit of food to the two street children asking for some recyclables every weekend. This 2014, I hope I will be blessed more financially as I have some target people I want to bless as well. I want to be able to financially help my relative who has done so much for me. I
  4. Prepare for master school. I love learning. One can learn from experience and one can also learn from formal teaching. I have decided long before that I'll study masters (a different field; possibly socio, pysch, or political) but this 2013, I never had the courage to make the first move. I never had the courage to submit the requirements because I feared I might not be able to pass the qualifications set by the universities I have in mind. This coming 2014, I hope I'll be brave enough to enter. I may not qualify but at least I have battled. I also hope that I'll get the moral support of my family as they seem to disapprove this idea.
  5. Visit a lot of places in the Philippines. Partner has inspired me to travel and with the help of Kulapitot's blog I am motivated to visit more destinations inside the Philippines. Philippines has a lot to offer and I don't want to miss any of it.
  6. Travel overseas. I have always dreamed of visiting countries outside the Philippines. I pray that God will give me the opportunity and provision to be able to do so.
  7. Enter a literary competition. Partner entered Palanca last 2013. He urged me to enter as well and I considered and entertained the thought. I was supposed to enter the poetry category and I had this awesome idea I had in mind I never had the time to finish the piece. I hope I will be able to submit a piece as I want to be recognized in the field of literature. I may not be that great of a writer yet, but in time and with practice, I will be.
  8. Join a club. I miss being a part of an organization. This 2013, I looked for organizations I can enter based on interests. One of them was LoveYourself, but I haven't received a confirmation about the application I've sent through their site. As for PinoyBloggersOutreach, I was about to donate the collection of children's books I have at home but for some reasons I cannot remember, I failed to do so. In the end, I still haven't entered any clubs or organizations. I hope 2014 will be different.
  9. Get bigger. Yes, I want to get bigger. I want to have bigger muscles. Hehehe. I believe I'm a hard gainer but that will not stop me from achieving the body I want. 
  10. Be healthy. Getting bigger is different from being healthy. I fell sick a few times over 2013. I'm not the sickly type of guy so that took me by surprise. This 2014, I vow to eat healthier foods and take multivitamins to keep me strong, growing, and glowing.
  11. A more blooming relationship with partner. 2013 is the year I entered a relationship officially. It's my first homosexual relationship so I still had to learn some of the ropes. I believe I have lacked in the few areas in my relationship and I will work on filling that void this coming 2014. Good thing partner is understanding. I'll do my best to make partner feel more loved and to be more deserving of the love he gives.
  12. Mend my broken relationship with my father. It's been ten years since we've talked. It's time we set aside our differences, forget the shadows of the past, and focus on the present.
  13. Learn a musical instrument. I am tone deaf. I believe learning a musical instrument might fix that. 
  14. To establish a more meaningful and faithful relationship with the heavenly Father. You all know how lost I am in the area of faith. I have always relied on my understanding, on scientific explanations, and of logical reasoning but I have realized that there are so many things incomprehensible and the only explanation behind it is the existence of a God so unfathomable. This 2014, I pray that my relationship with the Heavenly Father will be more established and that I will not struggle away from his arms once again. 





  1. Awh ;) Happy New Year! I hope that you get success in the endeavors you get into for this year 2014 :) ;) I really love your blog to bits and that I hope to read more from you ;) I am also glad to found this blog :) Maybe someday we will get to meet!

    1. Happy New Year din, Simon! I enjoy conversing with you here in le blogosphere. I hope we'll meet soon! I'll send you a pm when I get the time to drop by. :3

    2. I will be looking forward to that :)

  2. Happy New Year ^^ Matutupad yang mga Goals mo... ^^

    1. Thanks, Jon. Maraming maraming salamat. Happy new year din. :3

  3. nakakatakot na magcomment nawawala bigla parang mumu lang :'(

    Here's to you, your partner, your family, and to your goals in life! Cheers!

    Heypi 2014!

    1. Oo nga e. Salamat sobra sa huli mong comment. Naappreciate ko un. Nabasa ko pa sa email. :3

      Happy new year po. :)

  4. 1. Sige magpayaman ka tapos pag aralin mo akong PhD. Matagl pa naman. Makakapag ipon ka. Hehe.
    2. Ako din natambakan ng libro. Ang daming binili pero di pa nababasa lahat. Nakatatlo ako ngayong December pero madami pa ang di nababasa. Di na dapat muna ako bumili.
    3. Apply na sa grad school! Kaya mo yan!
    4. Masarap magbyahe. May target akong overseas this 2014. Mag ipon na para hindi saganal ang budget sa pagsasaya :)
    5. Happy new year ser FSOQ!

    1. Gusto ko yan. Sabay tayo magPhD. Mahihintay mo pa ako? :3

      ako rin. Kaso kapag nasa bookstore na ako binibili ko na gusto ko mabasa. Di ko mapigilan.

      Salamat sa encouragement. :)

      Yep. Start na ako magipon ngayon kahit pauntiunti lang

      Happy new year din. Looking dorward interacting with u more.

  5. sabay tayo sa number 4 mo. tagal ko na ring plan yan eh. tara!

  6. lot of things you want to do this year hope you could share it to us pag nangyari na agad agad ahaha.

  7. happy new year! omg yung number 4 naalala ko ang aking failed masters. haha
    pero balak ko ring irevive pero different course. hehe

    1. Happy new year din kalansay. Anong program kinuha mo nun at ano balak ko? Curious tuloy ako. Hehehe. :3