Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seventh monthsary comedy blues

"Ako lang tao rito sa bahay. Alis sila mamaya. Heheheh" I texted him.

"Sige. Anong oras tayo kita?"

"Let's have lunch here, you want?"

"Can't. How about 2.30pm?"

"Okay. Can't wait. :)" I replied.

While waiting, I cleaned the whole house and made sure my room was spotless. I bathed, put on a bit of cologne, brushed and gargled with mouthwash. I put on skimpy shorts and a thin sando to make things a bit casual yet sexy.

"San ka na?" I texted him after waiting for more than an hour. Being habitually late is one of his nasty habits we need have discussed over and over.

"Lapit na."

Thirty minutes passed by still no signs of him. I found out he got lost on his way and was about to take another tricycle. I reiterated the directions just to be sure and read a book to let time pass by.

Finally, I heard a tricycle stopped in front of the house and there he was with the smile that never fails to make me melt.

Once inside, we talked for a bit and I made the first move. I kissed him and he kissed back passionately. I told him we should move in my room as someone might see us. The kiss went intense as we got ourselves in my room. His fingers playing with my nipples pinching hard. I kissed the nape of his neck while I took off my sando.

"Please, nibble my nipples," I begged.

He went down and devoured my chest nuts. I moaned in pleasure.

"You're really good in this," I complimented him.

My hands travelled down southwards and found the zipper that separated my hands from what I was looking for. I felt his rock hard dick and my mouth watered.

"Ui, ano ginagawa mo?" he asked.

"Ano pa nga ba?" I asked seductively. "Ilabas mo na. Hehehe. Nasan na ang rubber?"

"Ha? Wala kang sinabi bunso. Edi sana bumili ako," his hands suddenly stopped playing with my nipples.

"Huh? Ako pa. Kala ko naman gets mo na. Hmp."

He laughed and kissed my neck. I laughed back.

"So, mauuwi nanaman sa kilitian at tawanan eto?" I asked him with my face slightly pouting trying hard not to laugh further.

"E, ano pa nga ba?" He pinched my nipples and tickled me.

Uh, I was hoping for more. Next time, I should have rubber at home just in case.

I'll make a mental note of that.

Seven months and nothing has happened between us yet. I'm going to go crazy. Dinaig ko pa si Maria Clara.

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  1. ay ang sweet nom on! hihi

    happy monthsary guys! :)

  2. it was sweet as it is though. you guys are having fun. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hihihi. Oo nga e. Nakalkmutan ko isang line nya. "Gusto mo plastic na lang ng ice candy gamitin natin?" Heheheh

    2. OMG... *hahaha* Buti kung kakasya sa plastic ng ice candy yun? O.o

  4. this is a boner pero kakabitin... hehehe

    1. Thanks. Imagine my deflated horniness at that time. Hahaha

  5. blue balls!!!


    Happy monthsary sa inyo!

  6. Gawain ko din to dati kapag walang tao sa bahay. *hahaha!*

    1. Hindi na, may sariling bahay naman si Ace eh. *hehe*