Sunday, February 16, 2014

Starting Over Again

Disclaimer: This is not a movie review but SPOILERS AHEAD.


"Natakot ako, kasi nakita ko ikaw sa tatay ko." - Ginny

We originally planned to celebrate our Valentine's date yesterday in UPLB Feb Fair but after hearing a lot of positive reviews of Starting Over Again, I just had to ask partner to watch this before going to Elbi. Luckily, partner agreed as he was intrigued with all the hype the film was able to induce.

I know that the film was a story about break-up and second chances, something I was sure I will not be able to relate to. I was sure that I will be a bit bored and that I will probably look forward to the ending of the movie.

But life has its way of proving you wrong. Boy, was I able to identify myself in the movie.


We bought our tickets and went around the mall to kill time. We tried to look for a phone he might like as he was thinking of replacing his old phone. I checked the time every once in a while and I told him it's time to line ourselves for the movie.

When we had ourselves lined up, the line was really long. When I say long, I mean looooooong. The movie was hyped and it made me curious if the material will give justice to itself. We watched some youtube videos in my phone as we tried to kill some more time. He pinched a bit of my sides (ugh, he can't really hold himself back) and tried to touch my nipples in public. 

"Hey, hayok ka nanaman," I said as I contemplated whether to stop him from pinching further.

"Eto naman, minsan lang."

"Anong minsan? Pano na ang dignidad ng mga alaga ko?" I asked jokingly.

The line suddenly went moving and a few minutes later we found ourselves seating on the center aisle/stairs as we don't want ourselves to be seated at the lowest seats at the movie theater. 

The movie started and, by routine, my fingers slowly traced his arms until his intertwined mine. The lights went off, our hands perfectly hidden, as the credits rolled.


"Wow, the movie was great! It veered off from the path Filipino romantic films usually take. Not that ground breaking but it was great!" I said.

"Yup, ang ganda nga nung movie. 70% ng film e umiiyak si Toni."

"Hey, may charm ang pagiyak ni Toni. Aminin."

We filed outside the theater and we went to have our dinner. We both ordered Korean food from the mall's foodcourt. Our order came and we dived in. The film left us hungry as we were really taken by its plot. 

"May sasabihin ako sayo," he said suddenly. He put down his spoon and fork and looked at the roof.

"Ano yun?"

He laughed as he tried to search for the right words.

"Ano nga yun?" I prodded.

"Nakita ko ikaw sa character ni Toni. Goal oriented. Planner. Achiever kumbaga."

"Applicable ba yun sakin?"

"Pero kita ko naman sayo yun. Na kapag may goal ka ginagawan mo ng paraan. You excel. I, on the other hand, saw myself in Piolo's character. Complacent. Settler."

I knew where he was going.

Because the same thoughts were running through my head while watching the movie. 

You see, Ginny (Tony's character) left Marco (Piolo's character) as she saw Marco in his father. Someone who easily gives up in the presence of failure. Some one who is laid back. Someone who settles for what he has even though bigger opportunities are available.

Someone Ginny is afraid of. As these are the qualities that left their family broken.

Because for Ginny, a man should be decisive. Should be running after his dreams. Someone who achieves. Someone who will not burden her down. 

"Tapos pareho pa kaming older than you and Ginny. Pareho kaming frustrated chef," he continued.

I laughed.

"Honestly, yes. I saw us in the two as well."

He laughed as he looked at the roof. His food begging to be finished.

"Kinabahan ako bunso."


He fell silent. If only we were not in public, I would have kissed his lips and erased his fears and doubts away.

"Don't worry. I'm also at fault as well. I have my own shortcomings. There. Relax. SmileI will always put Iza/Pattie's line in heart. ," I said soothingly. 

For what it's worth, you have done a great job, I told him silently. My words not escaping my mouth. I was never more aware of the people around us. Having their own date of themselves. Eating. Being merry.

More importantly, I was never more aware of the fears and doubts partner has. A vulnerable part of him slowly and briefly manifested and I witnessed it.

Don't worry. 

"Kung tutuusin nga ang talo dun si Toni," I said.

Don't worry. Ours will have a different ending. 

Our spoons and forks were lifted. We ate as I hoped he was reassured of the words I've said and of the love I give.


“My love is bigger than your failures.” – Patty


  1. Saw the movie with my partner earlier today. It was overhyped.. For me nothing beats the movie "One More Chance"

    1. Aw. One More Chance is better no doubt but I think Starting Over Again still has some points in which it shines.

  2. "Our love may be quiet and boring but it is sure. With the right amount of trust and love, and even an allowance for mistake. I love him Ginny and in love, there is no fear."
    - Patty

    Nice review about the movie, and yes. You and your partner will definitely have a different ending. :)
    Spread the Love.

  3. It was the ending I had expected. Coming from the same experience, once broken, it can never be made whole again. All we can do is find love somewhere else. As long as you are honest with each other, everythinb will be fine. I guess, that's what had gone missing. And that being strong, sometimes, we are always seen strong, forgetting that we are also humans and has weak points. Say if you're sad, if you're disappointed and work things out. Coz it could have been a different ending, had Ginny voiced out her fears.. It could have been...

    1. Yep. Trust is born out of Honesty. We were reminded of that. Thanks, Yccos. Looks like the both of us really did pick something from the movie, e?

  4. but then, we make our own stories. and ours can take other roads.

    1. Thanks, Earl! Ours will be definitely different. :3

  5. hindi ko pa binasa kasi mamaya pa lang ako manonood. hehe

  6. I agree with Simon na over-hyped ung movie.. but then again, biased ako against Piolo. Para sa akin kasi wala syang talent (ang bitter haha!)

    Anyway, kinilig ako sa last part. Napapalakpak pa ako nung lumabas na si (**spoiler!!). It was just meant to be :)

  7. It's just a movie. And hey, it's a pinoy mainstream movie. Nothing about it reflects the true lives of Filipino. I think.

    Relationships were never meant to be easy. You really have to cultivate it and work hard for each other.

    As for the movie, never heard of it. Obviously I'm abroad. But i've always been very skeptic about Filipino mainstream movies. Dipende siguro sa film director. Lately kasi ang mga pelikula natin ay mga 120-minute advertisement/movie with stars who barely know how to act.

    Anyway I hope for the best for you both.

    1. Yep. Some elements are surreal but the emotions and characters were quite real. How they reacted. Love truly makes people do crazy things. But as for Patty, love was what kept her holding on to Marco.

      Yep. Both sides should make an effort to make the reltionship grow. Thanks, mr. Tripster.

  8. hindi ko sya napanood eh robocop kasi yung pinanood ko kaya di ako masyado makarelate :(

  9. Di ko pa napapanood to, sa DVD na lang kung matripan ko someday. Yung 'Lego Movie' pinanood ko eh. *hehe*

    1. Aw, gusto ko rin yan mapanuod. Sana maextend. Next week pa ako makakapanood. :/

  10. maganda nga yung film. hehe lurv the confrontation scene!

    1. I love it too! Napakarealistic ng scene na yun. Everything was played out well. Iza was awesome!