Thursday, March 13, 2014

Queer Quickie: Of Naives and Fools

I'm not the kind of person who believes in forever but after I met you... I can't help myself but believe that forever is possible. People may contradict. Circumstances may change. But I stand on my ground that whatever we have now is something worth keeping and living.

They say that those who believe in forever are naives and fools. If that's the case, then call me naive. Call me a fool. But this fool is loving his partner naively, crazily, and happily. Now and for a lifetime. Cheers to that!


  1. Basta ienjoy nyo lang, basta lagi may understanding hihi sa akin kasi walang forever lahat nagwawakas. Charot angnega noh hahaha

  2. Okay naman ang forever. Basta huwag lang matigil sa paniniwala. Work hard for forever at mas lalaki ang chance na mangyayari siya. Charot! Para kunyari objective akong tao. Hahaha :))

    1. As they say, forever is something one (or should I say two?) should work for. Haha. Ano naman ang sasabihin mo kapag nagpakasubjective ka?