Friday, April 25, 2014

No Lumia = No Fun

Last night, my Lumia phone got snatched away. It was the first time something I have got stolen and it left me frozen on the spot for a few seconds while my mind went completely blank. I only stared at the snatcher as he got on a motorcycle driven by his accomplice.

Right now, I'm using a second hand MyPhone Rio so I'm officially back to using a crappy OS. At least, I will be able to blog more often since Android has a blogger app unlike Windows phone.

I miss my Lumia. Hahaiy. I only got to enjoy the phone for two months.

Ciao and keep safe.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Le parents

... now know that I'm gay. They cried and confided the issue with my aunt and uncle. My cousin-slash-bestfriend told me everything that happened which led me to come out to her as well. She said she accepts and she will love me no matter what. She also told me to get myself prepared because my parents will probably talk to me about it.

Yesterday, my siblings and my father went out for a procession leaving me and my mother alone at home. I prepared myself a merienda and she joined. She opened the topic and I fell silent.

"Why didn't you tell me anything?" she asked.

"Because I don't have to and you will just be pesky."

"I'm your mother. It's my job to be pesky."

"I'll only get stressed."

"I haven't said anything that will cause any stress."

"Why? Why don't you just open yourself to me?"

Dead air. Silence filled the room. Her question left unanswered. The why questions are usually the tough questions and most of the timesthey are better left untouched.

"I've already talked this with dad. It's okay with us. We just want to understand."

There's nothing wrong with who I am and I guess I should be grateful that they're trying to understand what I'm going through but really, I'm not the kind of person who opens such personal things to family. Because these things would probably mean I've disappointed them. I've proven that I'm the black sheep to the family. I've confirmed that out of the three people left to continue the family name, one of them is psychologically and emotionally incapable to procreate.

I left the table after finishing my merienda.

Life continued as if nothing has happened.

Let it Go. Well, now they know.

Defying Gravity. And if I'm flying solo, at least I'm flying free.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Missing innocence

I miss blogging. I miss you guys. But lately, things have been so depressing and tiring that I'm having difficulty finding some time to blog. 

I have so many things to share.

I've pondered so much that I am itching to release these thoughts to keep them flowing.

But at the same time, I'm a bit dry. I'm confused whether I am still the intellectual sponge I was perceived by people, able to absorb ideas and share them as well, or I'm dry, not able to think anything at all.


When was the last time you wished you were a kid? Have you wished things were back the way they used to be? Have you wished your parents are there to scold you whenever you don't get yourself to bed for an afternoon nap or have you wished you still have the time to play outside and bask yourself under the sun and play with your friends? I do. I wish things were the way they used to be. I wish I'm still a kid. I wish I have all the time I can have and just play and play and play with my friends. 

I wish I'm still a kid because I hate the fact that I'm beginning to become an adult. I hate the fact that I AM an adult.

When I was a kid, I can't wait to grow up and have my own salary, pay my own bills, and support myself. I used to hope that time would fast forward itself so that I can get a job and live within my means. I used to wish I could get out of school and join the corporate world so that I could help my family in making the ends meet. 

And with all my wishing I got what I wanted. I grew up. I have my own job and I'm earning. I'm helping my parents with the monthly bills to pay.

I'm still not happy.

I realized that growing up is not as glamorous like what I used to think. I thought getting the latest gadgets, eating at great restaurants and being able to travel at different places (within the Philippines so far) is a fun way to spend adult life. Don't get me wrong. It is. But behind all I have, behind all the perks of being an adult, there's still this gnawing feeling eating away the happiness I yearn. There's something that I miss.


I miss the innocence of being a kid. As I grew up, how I view the world changed. I suddenly had this epiphany that life does not work the way I used to see. That life is actually cruel and that the world is filled with cruel people. Why do people do bad things? Why do people murder? Why do people engage in adulterous relationships or in sex with people they can't commit? In short, why do people do things that will eventually hurt other people as well?

I saw people differently. I was once a normal guy who trusted people easily. I once had this habit to always see the brighter things in life, to always look for that silver lining through the dreary clouds. I smiled frequently.

That was me before. A stranger rather.

Now, as I grew up, I realized that life isn't all that peachy. Peachy. Life is full of shit. As I learned more and grew older, innocence faded away. The smiles came less frequent.

I became cruel and jaded. Defense mechanism.

I miss being a kid. It's the innocence that I miss.

But I would never be the kid I was before. Life doesn't work that way. Surprising (with full of killer sarcasm). But I could always hope. I guess if I could travel back in time and I could give a message to myself, I would tell dear young me to never rush and enjoy being young. To hold to what we believe. To always look at the better things in life no matter what. To never give up on happiness.

Because life may be cruel. But it will always get better. Sooner or later.