Saturday, April 19, 2014

Le parents

... now know that I'm gay. They cried and confided the issue with my aunt and uncle. My cousin-slash-bestfriend told me everything that happened which led me to come out to her as well. She said she accepts and she will love me no matter what. She also told me to get myself prepared because my parents will probably talk to me about it.

Yesterday, my siblings and my father went out for a procession leaving me and my mother alone at home. I prepared myself a merienda and she joined. She opened the topic and I fell silent.

"Why didn't you tell me anything?" she asked.

"Because I don't have to and you will just be pesky."

"I'm your mother. It's my job to be pesky."

"I'll only get stressed."

"I haven't said anything that will cause any stress."

"Why? Why don't you just open yourself to me?"

Dead air. Silence filled the room. Her question left unanswered. The why questions are usually the tough questions and most of the timesthey are better left untouched.

"I've already talked this with dad. It's okay with us. We just want to understand."

There's nothing wrong with who I am and I guess I should be grateful that they're trying to understand what I'm going through but really, I'm not the kind of person who opens such personal things to family. Because these things would probably mean I've disappointed them. I've proven that I'm the black sheep to the family. I've confirmed that out of the three people left to continue the family name, one of them is psychologically and emotionally incapable to procreate.

I left the table after finishing my merienda.

Life continued as if nothing has happened.

Let it Go. Well, now they know.

Defying Gravity. And if I'm flying solo, at least I'm flying free.


  1. Pano nila nalaman?
    At leas di mo na kailangan itago. Maghanda ka nalang sa pagpupuna.
    Mukha promising naman yung sinabi ng mom mo.
    Good luck on this new chapter in your life ;)

  2. You will not fly alone, marami ang lumilipad na akala nila magisa sila only to find out na ang mga nakakasalubong nila ay katulad nila at marerealize nila na hindi sila nagiisa...

  3. they'll get over it. you didn't really think you could hide it forever didn't you? besides, you'll breathe a lot better now.

    1. I always knew I have to tell them. I was not just prepared.

  4. Freedom is the greatest thing you can give to your self. Acceptance is the noblest thing someone can give you.

    They said they understand so stop thinking about it anymore. I'ts not helping. Just prove to them that you are not less of a person because you are gay.

    1. Too bad not everyone will accept.

      Who said I'm dwelling on it?

  5. yey!! super congrats sayo FSOQ!!
    this is your new beginning, i guess..


  6. bongga. magandang step yan. nakakainggit nga e. well feeling ko alam naman nina mudang at pudang pero chill lang. mas okay sa akin ang set up na hindi na lang pinaguusapan. haha

    1. Tulad nga ng sabi ko sa kanila, wala naman dapat pagusapan.