Friday, May 30, 2014

Forever is about to end

Because there is no such as thing as forever and trust can never be really fixed. One can only take so much and repetitive mistake is a form of abuse and disrespect.

How naive and stupid am I to fall for the idea of forever.

And 'us', as optimistic as I can be, is beyond repair, I believe.

I told myself that deserving better doesn't mean deserving it from another person.

But that doesn't seem to be the case in this context.

But I'm too weak. I love him too much that I am still willing to look past of everything despite of everything.

I'm confused. I deserve respect and I deserve better. But my love for him is far greater than my love for myself.

Truly, you became my weakness.
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  1. No matter how strong the person is, when it comes to relationship, they can also be weak.

    If you are the person who fall out of love remember the reason why you love your partner, the qualities, the feelings, and the idea of having everything you desire for a partner.

    I really hope you could fix whatever it is.

    I'm a little sa with this post :(

  2. I know how you feel.. Sometimes it feels like our relationship is going no where but my lover Cheng is ready to come out when I am.

  3. It happens...
    Sometimes we get vulnerable to so many things just because we love our better half too much

  4. Relate na relate ako sayo :) I once endured a relationship where I loved the person more than I did myself, so much that despite being constantly cheated on, I still held on to the thought of "forever". It hurt that I tried to make it work and did not ended it right away.

    It hurts initially, but when you regain your love for yourself, you will realize that it was all for the best.And I wish you the best! :)

    1. I think most of us did experience ung part na you love your significant other way more than ourselves, and we learn from it and soon enough we become less vulnerable

  5. He may be your weakness, but he shouldn't be your demise.

    Loving him more doesn't mean losing your love for yourself. You still have to consider if the things going on are still good for your "health."

    all the best.

  6. I could relate with you, FSOQ. We love so much to the point that it already hurts us.

    1. love shouldn't hurt that much.
      I guess it's not really LOVE at all.

    2. It depends on how you see things. Perspectives make a big difference.

  7. Go back to the light - you deserve far better than this.

  8. We live lives of lies. White lies. Gray Truths. Fifty shades, right?

    The only thing constant in a changing world is uncertainty.