Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hopelessly hoping

I'm still holding onto him. Because I still believe that deserving better doesn't have to be from another person. As tempting as it can be to break up from him, my love is far greater. And it might be that I'm waiting in vain for the changes to happen, for the progression of our relationship, but my patience can be further lengthened. This is just an obstacle I believe.

Funny, obstacle. It seems that he is the obstacle himself. The way he make promises he cannot keep. The way he laughs at my concerns as if they were no big deal. The way he brushes off my requests. Lastly, the way he makes me feel that I will never be a part of his family no mattee how long I will wait. I wonder. Are they simple concerns? Him making me wait for three hours for our date. How he laughs when I get angry when he's late. How he never sought for my opinion when he is writing a piece for a writing competition. Are those concerns not much of a deal to begin with? How he cancels our date so easily everytime for his family. How my time with him is always sacrificed. How he makes me feel that everything about me can be negotiated to his advantage?

Are those not enough to make me break down? Am I being too shallow? He didn't cheat. Shouldn't I be grateful of that

"You're concerns are deal breakers." A viber message from a good friend of mine said.

"Kasi it seems like youre the only one working hard in this relationship." another one said.

Am I? I do acknowledge his efforts but a my friends have said that it seems that the level of our love for each other is not aligned with one another. I'm the one who seems to love more.

Should we really get to know who loves more or less for a relationship to work?

Shouldn't we love because of the act of love itself?


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  1. I don't wish to intrude... but I think this is no longer healthy for you

  2. Do yourself a favor and discontinue the relationship. Mas okay pa kung single ka na lang, instead of that.

    But your happiness still depends on you, FSOQ. Think hard, decide carefully, and do not regret.

  3. tried following you sa twitter, wala naman... hmmnn... kaka-sad naman kalagayan mo... *cyberhugs!

  4. You can make yourself believe anything. It doesn't have to be always true. Sometimes it's also known as lying to yourself.

    Have you ever thought about that?

    This isn't probably the best time to make any drastic, unilateral decisions. You don't need to add color and nuances in every act your partner makes. What you need though is time, and space. You deserve that, at the very least.

    Breathe. Live. This, too, shall pass.


  5. You deserve better. Leave him and if he chases you back then maybe things will work out for the two of you.

  6. Your partner should be considerate at least, about ho you feel. He wouldn't want you to do the same thing to him. I guess the best way to clear up any questions is to talk to him. Tell him how you feel about how he acts and treats you.

    I hope for the best FSOQ! Hugs!

  7. To begin with...


    naka-all caps lang for the question to standout.

    1. It was intended to be rhetorical.
      Granted that you're referring to the relationship with your partner, with only the observable circumstances (rereads 2nd paragraph) - I don't see why it's even called a "relationship", with whatever you have with him.