Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rubber and lube

"Tuwad ka na. Dun ka sa pader," I nervously went to the side I was directed to. My hands sweating. I looked around the room trying to find a way out.

"Pwede pong wag na lang? I'm saving this for someone special," I said. I was expecting to be excused out of the room, to get out of doing the deed but all I heard was silence.

"Dun ka na. Saglit lang ito."

I heard rubber being put on and a bottle being pumped. I heard some lube being slathered.

I tensed.

"Tanggalin mo na pantalon mo."

I loosened my belt. Beads of sweat dropping from my temples. The cold temperature provided by the airconditioning unit did not help.

"Ibaba mo pa."

I lowered my pants further along with my white briefs.

"Ibaba mo pa. Sa ilalim ng tuhod mo."

I did. I prayed hard everything will go all right.

I felt a hand went over my waist positioning me futher down. I stiffened. A finger went in without warning and explored my depths. I felt my muscles contracted further clamping around the finger. As I tightened, pain registered.

The finger went out.

Finished. Finally.

"Everything seems normal. You have great physique and you are very much healthy. Continue doing what you are doing."

I let out a sigh of relief.

My physical examination went well.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Skin Update 07052014

So, here I go again. I decided to blog the results of my skin regime so I can better deduce which works for me and not.

I recently went back to derma and bought the following products: Pore Minimizer toner, Night Cream #1, and Clinderm Solution. Formerly, I use the GT Witch hazel toner but I figured out that my skin was not improving a bit using it. It might have been aggravating it further in fact. So, after buying the products, I went to the drug store and bought Contractubex gel to help me with my pimple marks hoping that it will help fade these away faster. I heard HiruScar is effective but it's very difficult to find so I settled for Contractubex.

Currently, my regime goes like this.

In the morning:
1. I wash my face using Mestiza soap or Kojie-san.
2. I tone using the Pore Minimizer toner.
3. I use the Contractubex for my pimple marks.

In the evening:
1. I wash my face using Mestiza soap or Kojie-san.
2. I tone using Celeteque Acne Solutions toner. I opted not to use the Clinderm solution since it's an antibacterial toner and it might aggravate my acne further when my face gets used to it. This will mean treating the acne harder than before.
3. Apply Salicylic acid spot treatment.
4. Apply Contractubex.
5. Apply Night Cream #1.

Okay, as for the findings of the current regime, I found out that the existing acne has probably turned inactive as it has been reduced to dark marks but the problem is new small ones and a few cystic acne came up. So, I kind of assessed the history of my regime before to isolate the culprit. Before, I patronized the products from my trusted derma then I decided to buy store bought products. One of them is Celeteque. Looking back, I've developed acne but not as serious as now. Probably, Celeteque could have been the culprit as there are small ones and a cystic acne or two appeared. The seriousness of my present acne might have been produced by the GT Witch Hazel toner which I've discontinued using. As for the Contractubex, I'm still hoping that this is not a culprit of the new acne. I've used this before and I didn't get any flare ups. Plus, the new existing acne seems to be growing at certain areas only and some of the areas to which I apply the gel seems to be a little bit okay. The salicylic acid spot treatment may be removed soon. It doesn't seem to do that good. I mean, It does dries up the pimples but new pimples still pop up so it's tiring to spot treat always. I might spot treat only for the cystic ones.

So, I'm planning to shake things up by removing the Celeteque Acne Solutions toner from my regime and replacing it with the Pore Minimizer. Crossing fingers that the acne will stop appearing and the existing ones fade away. I'm being told by my parents that I look ugly because of it and I only get depressed further.

Btw, readers, if you have any recommended store brought toners (in case my stock gets used up though I'm planning to buy three of everything from my derma), kindly comment your recommendations in the comment box below. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Hugs and kisses.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Without any guilt

"Gusto mo bang hawakan?" He said as he was driving his car along the roads of Taguig heading to Buendia. We just finished watching the latest installment of Transformers and it was late in the night that he offered me a ride back home.

I gave in to his "request". I've been prudent for so long and all I wanted to do was to finally release the heat I've stored.

"Mukhang malaki ah," I remarked as my hand caressed his length slowly, starting from the base towards the head. I felt it throbbed for a bit.

"Maliit pa nga yan."

"Malaki na yan," my other hand slightly brushed my lips as I assure my slightly parted lips was not covered with drool.

"Gusto mo isubo?"

I looked outside. Despite being in the main road, the cars seemed busy themselves making us sure that we will not be noticed. The lights around Manila was bright giving the city a comforting glow as if saying, "Go ahead."

My face went near his crotch. He removed his seatbelt to give me better access and I removed mine to position myself better. I surrounded my teeth with my lips and swallowed his wood. I was able to swallow his whole length with only a bit of difficulty, I only gagged a few times.

"Teka may jeep," he said as the traffic light turned red.

I went back to my sitting position. Once the light signalled a go, I went back to pleasuring him. My rythm became faster. His cock is already filling my mouth with precum.

"Ang dami mong precum."

"Marami talaga ako magprecum."

I heard his groan. I believe he was pleasured. His hand suddenly explored my back until it found my bum. He tried to slide between my jeans but my belt restricted him accessed. I stopped sucking his cock and loosened my jeans.

"Ang sarap ng pwet mo ah."

He explored my ass, his fingers lightly tracing my crack. Meanwhile, I on the other hand was busy servicing his dick. I felt his hand leave my butt and went to my head forcing it down lightly. I went faster and faster, precum spilling over my mouth until...

I realized we were near my apartment. I straightened myself, bummed out from not having finished our activity. I told him to stop at the corner where I should get off.

"Magkikita pa naman tayo db?" He asked.

"Oo naman."

"Text ka pag nasa bahay ka na."

"Kaw din."

I left his car and walked away. The last time I did this, I was flooded with guilt. This time it was different.

This shall be kept a secret.


"Good morning."

"Breakfast ka na."

"Magmeryenda ka na."

Today, my texts remained unanswered. I guess I really am just good enough for a booty call. Nonetheless, I will always be ready if he needs a companion because I surely need one as well.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I think I am about to cheat with a guy I consider as a jerk who seems to be only interested with what my body has to offer and nothing else. I am bothered not by the idea but rather I am bothered that I am about to do it now. That as I remember my ideals for the past 20 years, I realized that my love for my partner has changed me so much that those ideals are mere wishful thinking of a life that will never be.

To you, partner, I believe you already sense what I am about to do as your texts suddenly gone cold since last night. You have always been complacent that without improvements my love for you will always make me choose you. You never say sorry unless I reach out to you and you had the nerve to threaten me to leave me in the streets after waiting for you for so long just to see you. I have always believed that love between two people can make them grow individually and as a couple but "US" has become stagnant and dull.

Sometimes love can get tired as it whitles into ashes and the flame between two people dies. I've tried so much to reignite it but you unconsciously blew the fire away leaving me in cold darkness I am an alien of.

To the guy who seems to be interested only in my body, I'll let you take advantage of my current state. Even though I am afraid you may not like me, my insecurities heightened as I look in the mirror trying to look my best, I assure myself that one date and maybe a post date activity is enough. That there are no strings attached between us. Some may say that I'm just being used by you in order to release the pent up sexual urges but in reality I am using you to live a fantasy away from my shattered love life. We are only hurting each other. The one who comes out of this with the most wounds lose and I'm pretty sure I will do my best that it will not be me.

I guess I have become jaded. Maybe love is really just an illusion. If it is real, it may not be for me. Because I have believed that I have found love in the man I call partner but instead I found disrespect.

Disrespect which I learned to do to myself as I imagine waking up in a room unfamiliar with a man I do not call as partner.

Now I understand why people cheat. I realized that in the context of cheating in a relationship, putting blame is difficult to do. Each party may be at fault and each may deserve a certain degree of blame. But cheating may provide a perfect bliss, an escape from despair and in the end may fix the broken even if it is only temporary .

Should I break up with you, partner? Why do I have to resort to cheating?

Because there's still a part of me tirelessly wishing that all will be all right between us and that part of me is patiently reasserting me from what I am about to do.


Cheers to new experience insight.

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