Thursday, July 3, 2014

Without any guilt

"Gusto mo bang hawakan?" He said as he was driving his car along the roads of Taguig heading to Buendia. We just finished watching the latest installment of Transformers and it was late in the night that he offered me a ride back home.

I gave in to his "request". I've been prudent for so long and all I wanted to do was to finally release the heat I've stored.

"Mukhang malaki ah," I remarked as my hand caressed his length slowly, starting from the base towards the head. I felt it throbbed for a bit.

"Maliit pa nga yan."

"Malaki na yan," my other hand slightly brushed my lips as I assure my slightly parted lips was not covered with drool.

"Gusto mo isubo?"

I looked outside. Despite being in the main road, the cars seemed busy themselves making us sure that we will not be noticed. The lights around Manila was bright giving the city a comforting glow as if saying, "Go ahead."

My face went near his crotch. He removed his seatbelt to give me better access and I removed mine to position myself better. I surrounded my teeth with my lips and swallowed his wood. I was able to swallow his whole length with only a bit of difficulty, I only gagged a few times.

"Teka may jeep," he said as the traffic light turned red.

I went back to my sitting position. Once the light signalled a go, I went back to pleasuring him. My rythm became faster. His cock is already filling my mouth with precum.

"Ang dami mong precum."

"Marami talaga ako magprecum."

I heard his groan. I believe he was pleasured. His hand suddenly explored my back until it found my bum. He tried to slide between my jeans but my belt restricted him accessed. I stopped sucking his cock and loosened my jeans.

"Ang sarap ng pwet mo ah."

He explored my ass, his fingers lightly tracing my crack. Meanwhile, I on the other hand was busy servicing his dick. I felt his hand leave my butt and went to my head forcing it down lightly. I went faster and faster, precum spilling over my mouth until...

I realized we were near my apartment. I straightened myself, bummed out from not having finished our activity. I told him to stop at the corner where I should get off.

"Magkikita pa naman tayo db?" He asked.

"Oo naman."

"Text ka pag nasa bahay ka na."

"Kaw din."

I left his car and walked away. The last time I did this, I was flooded with guilt. This time it was different.

This shall be kept a secret.


"Good morning."

"Breakfast ka na."

"Magmeryenda ka na."

Today, my texts remained unanswered. I guess I really am just good enough for a booty call. Nonetheless, I will always be ready if he needs a companion because I surely need one as well.
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  1. *hmm* Wow...

    So di ka na virgin, FSOQ. *hehe*

  2. interesting. very interesting.

  3. what comes around goes around

  4. hmmm when you cheat, don't expect warmth afterwards. all your "worth" and attraction expires after the naughty deed.

    tinapus mo na lang sana? then cross him off your list. :)

  5. You dirty little girl.

    Did you like it?

    Surely this is only the call of the flesh.

    Give in.

  6. You are so much more than a booty call.

    But if this was a conscious decision not deluded with musings of revenge or delusions of love - AJA!