Thursday, October 23, 2014

Something and someone better

Still not able to continue the story. Hopefully this weekend.

But things that bugged my mind pre and post breakup I truly am ready to share:

"Why do love ones leave us behind?"

"You deserve someone better. Ditch the jerk," a friend said.

"Deserving better doesn't have to be from someone else," another friend said. Different setting. Different place. Two unrelated friends giving me advice in a time of need.

Did I make the right decision?

Why do people enter a relationship without the having the sense of responsibilith to preserve it?

Why does love have to end?

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  1. You're young. You still have a lot of thinga before you. In time you will learn, and learn to accept certain things, learn to avoid bullshits, and be strong enough to repair the damage or be brave enough to let go. Parang ang dami ko nang experience sa buhay no? Hehehe! But things will get better. And one day you'll look back to this moment and say, "whatever. Fuck it."

  2. howell ibig sabihin hindi pa siya yun.

  3. Maybe he is just your stepping stone to find the one. Just like how my ex is my stepping stone :) haha pwede din literally kung gusto mo.