Sunday, November 9, 2014

Get tested. Protect and love.

Hi dear readers,

Thanks for going with me through the journey called life. I'm finally gathering strength after the breakup. I can't say I have finally moved on but I'm getting there. We still have contact though and the love I have for him is still there. Should I break off the communication or not?

I was wondering if the breakup and the events that happened after should be blogged. Anyway, this is my journal. Maybe someday, I will backread and learn something from all of this.

Getting to the real point of this post which is to advertise this one big event my organization will be doing this coming November 29. I hope some readers will be able to participate. Please do come.

I know, getting tested can induce fear but it always pay to know your status. Let's gather courage because when we know our status we protect our loved ones, we protect ourselves.

Protect the goal. Let's lower the infection rate and ultimately eliminate HIV. This is our duty to our loved ones, our partner, and ourselves.

To sign up:

PROTECT & LOVE MANILA - Free HIV Testing for Men. Happening on Nov. 29, 2014 at Victoria Court North EDSA, Quezon City. Sign up here:

Also, please do repost this to your blog. I will greatly appreciate it.

Love lots,


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  1. Planning to get tested but I am scared of knowing the results

    1. There's nothing to be afraid of Simon. Its better to know your status.

      Favor, I was gonna email you personally but I don't think I have your email. Could you kindly advertise the event in case your Manila readers are interested to join? Thank you so much.

  2. 2012 pa ako last nagpatest. Behaved naman ako eh pero gusto ko pa din malaman. The former cubao power bottom will grace this event. Char!

    1. Thanks Seth. I hope to see you there. I was hoping to finally see the faces behind the blogs I follow. If you're comfortable, please send me an email when you're at the event. I would like to have a small chit chat with you.


  3. Ugly breakup makes an ugly heart. It takes time to recuperate.

    I hope i can get free testing for HIV.. too bad free HIV testing isn't that much advocated in Malaysia.

    1. Dear Zach,

      Time is such a great healer. As time pass by, we can only learn through these events. We cannot and will never be able to forget.

      Oh. Have you checked with NGOs? Plus, are you a Filipino? Out of curiosity

  4. Una kong tanong, bakit for men lang? LOL. This is a very good campaign and I alute every brave men and gays out there who are strong enough to face the truth of their condition and anyway, the fight against HIV is not that just of gays but it's every citizen's concern because we are enclosed in the same society.

    *hugs* I broke up with the ex almost three years ago and it felt like I haven't moved on yet. I still have doubts, fears and questions. It was a bad break up and it still haunts me. There will still be nights that I stay wide awake crying. But things will get better eventually, we all know that.

  5. Ohhh, I don't know how I can give you an advice when I have not experienced breaking up with someone... I mean, I've never been into a relationship so I dont know if I'll make sense XD. But I think, you should break your contacts with him... for now. People are right when they say that you should still be friends, however, there is a right time for you to be really friends again. Siguro pag okay na ang lahat, pag wala na yung sakit pwede na kayo ulit mag-usap di ba? haha I hope it makes sense. Saka maganda siguro if you look for distractions, like gawin mo palagi yung hobbies mo gnun hihi.

    Ohhh, I'll let my friends know about the Protect & Love Manila :)) Thanks for that!

  6. cut the communication...that's the best way to move on... ako dinelete ko lahat ng mag hiwalay kami ni ex...

    i am still missing him once in a while but i am getting there... sabi ko nun may chance kaming maging mag kaibigan pa pero hinde pala... hehehe... nung kami pa i always mentioned to him na ex-lovers cannot be friends.... hehehe.... funny thing eh his office is few blocks from my place at salamat at hinde pa nag krus ang landas namin (maliban ng makita ko sya nung lunch time minsan...and i felt numb...hahaha... ni hinde ko nga napansin ang pag bati nya..i just left the resto) hehehe

  7. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog.

    for what's its worth...

    the process of breaking up is something very personal. That's why some move on so quickly or not so quickly. You will come to realize that a lot of people will come to your rescue, offering aid and (unsolicited) advice, whatever people say is best might not necessarily make whatever you're feeling any less tragic or painful.

    Do what you must, but do so, because you choose to do so. Not because people tell you to.

    Learn from it... or maybe unlearn some things.

    just passing by