Saturday, January 24, 2015


So, here we are, smiling at each other. I've missed the smile on your lips whenever we meet and how your eyes would shine and the wrinkles on its sides would form. I missed your laugh and how you make me laugh out loud not caring what people might think of us. Our laughs are symphonies to my ears as they blend together knowing that one is for the other. I missed your witty remarks and how you tease me when I worry too much. I missed your body against me when we watch movies and how you make fun of me whenever I get easily startled by the imagery or the sound effects. I missed the touch of your hands as our fingers intertwine under the blanket of stars, our legs and feet moving in rhythm with each other as we walk. Most importantly, I missed you.

Maybe, we just needed a bit of a time off to realize that we are made for each other and that our love needs patience and a bit of allowance for mistakes.

Maybe, what happened is for the best and the distance between us made us long for each other. We realized the importance of the other. The heart grew fonder given the absence and somehow we found our way back to each other's arms

Maybe, our love deserves another chance. Period. No reasons needed.

Love, I missed you. I am willing to give this another chance. We both made a mistake. I love you. You feel that, right? Let me love you again. Promise me you'll fight for what we have and we won't leave each other's sides again. Promise me to let me feel that our love is stronger than any obstacle. Promise me to make me feel that this relationship is worth keeping.

Because I love you so much that I'm willing to lose everything, including myself, for you.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

I went to Ilocos

Because I took another chance on love, forever, and us.

Love sucks.

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