Sunday, April 12, 2015

Together since

We've been back together since Vigan and I have honestly forgotten why you left me or, better yet, the reasons I gave you to leave me. I've forgotten everything. As if the universe has conspired to give me and us a clean slate. To start over again. To set everything right. To avoid making the same mistakes twice.

I'm honestly relieved that finally you're here by my side again. We may not be the perfect couple, we never have been, but it will not stop us from loving each other. No matter how much people may think I'm sugar coating things here, it doesn't erase the fact that this is how I feel and this is what I'm hoping for. Because I may have lost my faith in forever but my faith in you came back certainly. I realized that love was never meant to be a smooth sailing ride where boy meets girl (or in this case, boy meets boy) and girl (once again, in this case, boy) says yes.  Love was meant to be rocky, both sides of the relationship trekking through its course and finding itself a dead-end, a fork, or maybe a detour. We found ourselves a rocky path, a fork that looked like a dead-end, and we had to leave each other to take one's path to unknown. Unknowingly, here we are back to each other's arms and love made a way,

I'm not saying there will be forever. I'm not going to let myself delude to such grandeur again but instead I'm saying that we will work things out together and our love for each other will thrive as long as it can. I may not believe in forever but I do believe in love.

.... in a few days, two years will pass by.