Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gym quickie 07-12-2015

Quick update. Around 2.5 yrs of lifting. Slow progress. Ugh. Pero ok na. Will post a back muscles and leg muscles progress soon.

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The temptation is in the house.

A flashback around nine months ago:

"Dito lang daw. Sa may banda rito sa street na ito," It should be in this street. Around the corner. I said. 

"Baka roon sa grupo ng mga bata roon. Sa may tindahan daw diba." Maybe he's with the group of kids on that sari-sari store. partner said.

We were looking for a bedspace where I can stay as I have moved to another company. A place somewhere nearer my office. As a probinsyano, I abhor the idea of commuting around the metro. The pollution and traffic scares me. So far and alien from the setting I've been used to in our hometown. 

I texted the contact I got from olx where I looked for an apartment or bedspace I might avail. It was night time and a breeze blew past us giving us a bit of chills. We've been walking around the whole day going through contacts but to no avail. The breeze was very much welcomed and a bit of a smile formed between my lips. 


A reply from my contact. He texted me more specific directions which we followed until we were able to locate the apartment. The landlord appeared when I texted him that we were in front of the apartment waiting.

My heart dropped dead.

The landlord was tall and his built was proportional to his height. He seemed muscly to my perspective and when he opened the door in front of us to let us in, his wide back faced us. My mouth watered. Literally. He showed us around the house and told me the terms of stay. There will be a contract of agreement, the pay starts when I finish moving, and how much I was going to pay monthly. I was honestly mesmerized by his body. His height. My eyes fixated on how his light muscles flexed as he moved. My ears were listening intently to his voice but not minding the message it tried to deliver. I was having a crush on the guy that might become my landlord.

Fuck. Is he really going to be my landlord? 

The "tour" finished and I assured the landlord my text in case we avail of his offer. The landlord thanked us and we said our goodbyes.

"Type mo yung landlord, noh?" You like him, don't you? partner suddenly said when we arrived at the MRT. We planned to have our dinner in Shang. Something to break off the monotonous routine.

"Haha, selos ka naman agad," You're getting jealous. Haha. I replied.

"Halatang halata kaya sa mga mata mo. Biglang kuminang at ang ngiti mo habang kausap sya lampas tenga." It's really obvious. The way your eyes twinkled and your face went all smiley while talking to him. You were mesmerized and your smile was already beyond your ears. he uttered without even trying to hide any hints of jealousy. He's cute really as I watched him smiling at me while making faces of playful jealousy.

We suddenly broke into laughter. We were not used to being uber sweet and jealous. We've been past that. That time, looking back, our presence is already too familiar to the other. So familiar that his presence is like air to me and vice versa. Taken for granted yet important.

We got ourselves into an MRT cab while he was still teasing me with the landlord.


Two weeks ago.

I was watching TV and I just arrived home after work. I tried to lull myself away to sleep with the show I was watching when suddenly...


"Can I invite you over dinner sometime soon?"


(Part 1 of 3)