Saturday, October 24, 2015


I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. This has been a habit since I moved into the new condo unit with around eight other housemates. Namamahay lang siguro. It has been a week already and it was also a week of sleepless nights. But that night was different. I woke up because I felt someone's hand slowly trying to make its way into my boxers. I felt someone's hand trying to touch my whole length while the other tried to make its way under my shirt. His right hand successfully made its way and has full control of my length while his left hand played with my chest and my nipples. I feigned sleep as I was confused at first with what was happening.

"Fuck," I suddenly jerked. The roommate was caught by surprise.

"Pre, nilalamig ka. Gusto mo tulungan kita?" he asked. True enough, I was shivering. The aircon was facing directly my bed and its cold air has sent shivers to my spine.

He proceeded playing with my dick and I felt myself heating up. My length grew until I told him to stop. No, this is wrong.This shouldn't happen and I was not comfortable with it.

"Saglit lang ito," he insisted.

"Ayoko nga," and I pushed him away. He felt defeated and proceeded to his bed. I continued my sleep hoping this will continue till morning.


I woke up again same night with another roommate's foot extending towards my crotch. His bed was sitting beside mine and his foot was conveniently placed on my crotch. I felt his foot dead on my body and I wondered if he was just plain asleep. I closed my eyes again.

I felt his foot move. This time, it tried to place itself under between my legs. It stopped moving and was sitting comfortably under me. Baka nilalamig lang ang paa nya, looking for warmth.

A few minutes passed by and I felt him remove his foot. He put his foot on the other side of his bed facing away from me. I can't hear him snore. He usually snores when asleep.

He got up and went to the comfort room. The light from the bathroom flooded our room and I saw him got inside. I waited for him to come out for no reason at all. When he did, he turned off the light and went to his bed. I had no idea why but I felt nervous. My senses were on all-time high. Maybe you're just being paranoid, Neil.

Then there he was, slowly moving towards my bed, He lied besides me and he went to get my left hand and put it on his girth. I felt his length. I felt it throbbed. I felt his lips closing on my neck. I pulled my hand away.

I guess he was surprised. Because the next thing I knew, he went to his bed. I felt him shift. I guess he was pleasuring himself with his own efforts. But it was short-lived. I felt  him move again and he went over me. He tried to pull my boxers down. I guess the surprise was on me that time.

"Tang ina ayoko," I whispered softly.

He positioned his head above me, moving in for a kiss. I froze. I did not reciprocate. I wondered if I should push him away? Would he retaliate? I felt him try to bit my lip, his tongue playing with its outline. I smelled his breath. I smelled his scent. He was that close and his hands were slowly working towards my chest.

Sensing I was not interested in kissing him back, he stood up and tried to push his dick in my mouth. I put my arm around my head blocking his way. He insisted. He pushed. I blocked. My arm was always on his way and I felt him shove his dick against my arm. He was a bit aggressive. I was thinking of ways on how to assertively stop him but I was running out of ideas. I never imagined myself in this situation.

"Ayoko nga," I said carefully trying to not wake anybody else up.

Was he pissed off? He tried to pull my shorts again. I kicked him softly away. Fuck, I don't care. Just fucking get away from me. Please, stop. I suddenly felt his whole weight on me. His dick against my stomach. He moved. He moved and he moved. He kept on rubbing his dick on my stomach until I felt his release. I felt his seed all over my stomach and I heard him moan.

He got up. Went to his bed. Minutes passed by and I heard him snore.

I was left staring on the ceiling.

Until I noticed that the first ray of sunshine came into the room.